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Men's Books - Do the Work

Overcome Resistance

Resistance is a bastard. Book from Black Irish Entertainment by Steven Pressfield and Seth Godin. Do the f*cking work.

Why we like it: Tough talk, not bluster. A profoundly actionable book.

Men's Books on Survival - The Edge

The Edge (streaming)

Three men, one a billionaire intellectual are hunted in the Alaskan wilderness by a man-eating Kodiak Bear.

Why we like it: What one man can do, another man can do. Anthony Hopkins.

Men's Soap - Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch Men’s Soap

Sampler Pack (3 Bars) – Pine Tar, Cedar Citrus, Bay Rum Bars – Natural Manly Scented Organic Soap for Men (3 Bar Bundle Set)

Why we like it: Strong clean. No dry out. Smells like man, not man perfume.


Self-Adhesive Hooks

Black Wall Mount Hangers for Coat, Keys, Robes, Towels. Heavy Duty. Strong adhesive. No drilling. Waterproof indoors.

Why we like it: Take the weight, go anywhere, and hold up. Chore done.

Best Tactical Pen

Ironworks Tactical Pen

Tungsten Carbide Tip - Aircraft-Grade Aluminum, Reusable Case - Non-Slip Body Design, Hard Metal Clip. Also writes well.

Why we like it: Practical, well-constructed, does the job. Most don’t.

Best Inexpensive Men's Knife

Camillus Folding Knife

Camillus CHAMELEON 8.75" Folding Knife with Aircraft Aluminum Alloy Frame with 3.5" AUS-8 Stainless Steel Blade.

Why we like it: We lose knives. Reliable knife from reputable co. Life warranty.

Man's Handmade Walking Stick

Blackthorn Stick

Irish Walking Stick - Made in Ireland. Stem (handle) is blackthorn. Shaft is hazel. Note: walking stick, not medical device.

Why we like it: Not Gandalf or The Penguin. No-fuss but elegant stick.


Bug-a-Salt from Skell

Housefly eradication device that shoots regular table salt. Enjoy a disgusting task. Rid your house of flies and enjoy doing it.

Why we like it: You can only annoy a man so much or push him so far.

Reliable shoelaces

Wax Cotton Laces

Premium Flat Waxed Cotton Boot Laces - Cobbler's Choice Shoe Laces - Durable and Beautiful Laces!

Why we like it: It pisses us off that we can’t find decent shoelaces anymore.

Shoehorn Gift

Metal Shoe Horn (USA)

Cobbler's Choice Shoe Horn - Made in the USA - Designed for Comfort & Built for Durability! (8", Copper)

Why we like it: The best things are simple and don’t need maintenance.

Men's Wool Hiking Socks

Smartwool Hunt Crew

The whole SmartWool line is good. Run slightly small. Available in: 6-12 or 10-13. Rugged, durable, breathable. Fit any shoe.

Why we like it: Wasted years on long hikes with blisters. Not anymore.

Best Men's Hiking Boots

KEEN Hiking Boots

Pyrenees Mid Height Waterproof Leather Hiking Boot. USA. Forest Night/Black. Comfortable, good grip. Take on serious bush.

Why we like it: Waterproof, not resistant. No tradeoff on soles/comfort.

Made in USA man's belt

Huntsman Belt (USA)

Handmade in USA by Main Street Forge. Lifetime warranty. Thick. Full Grain Leather. Built in small batches by US craftsmen.

Why we like it: Built like someone cared. No flimsy cardboard inside.

Tactical Shirt Base Layer

Tactical Tech Shirt

Under Armour Men's Tactical Tech Long-Sleeve Shirt , Black (001). Outer shirt or base layer. Look put together at all times.

Why we like it: Structured enough for work or dinner. Takes a blazer well.

Men's High Quality Socks

Gold Toe Socks

Gold Toe Men's Uptown Crew Socks, 3 Pairs, Black, Shoe Size: 6-12 or 10-13. Rugged, durable, breathable. Fit any shoe.

Why we like it: Grown up socks that look sharp and last like work socks.

Made in USA T-shirts

USA Made Undershirt

5.4 oz double-stitched, preshrunk prem. cotton; Full cut; Rib-knit collar; Taped shoulder to shoulder. Trad white available.

Why we like it: Made here, not marked US-made in a Honduras plant.

Black Leather Gloves

Dorfman Pacific Gloves

Dorfman Pacific Men's Lambskin Gloves. Thinsulate Lined. Water Repellent. Black Winter Gloves. Light and right.

Why we like it: Flexible enough to do some work, slick enough for theater.

Made in USA Masks

Neoprene Cotton Mask

Reusable washable breathable. Bold men aren't easily shamed, let alone embarrassed by a mask. Don't be a douche; wear a mask.

Why we like it: Simple. Not showy (no skulls). No need to take off your hat.

Made in USA Wallet for Men

Thin Traditional Billfold

Full-grain German or Italian leather. Gift box. Oiled black is very nice. Traditional billfold model, but thinner and fine.

Why we like it: Tired of shiny wallets made of ground-up plastic and leather.

Carbon Men's Cigar Case

Carbon Cigar Case

100% Carbon Fiber Cigar Case. Ultra-Thin and Ultra-Light. 2 Tube Matte Finish. Adjustable Length w. Gift Box. Robusto size.

Why we like it: No pretentious logo. Doesn’t add weight. Hard to break.

USA Men's Stormy Hat

Original Stormy Kromer

From Ironwood, Michigan. Wool & nylon lined w. cotton. Cut & sewn in USA. Company began in 1903 as in-home operation.

Why we like it: Men like things that are real. Like a 6-panel windproof cap.

Mens Irish Flat Cap

Irish Wool Cabbie Hat

Individually crafted of 100% Irish Tweed. Each hat is unique. Quilted lining for warmth and comfort. Ships fast from Ireland.

Why we like it: It’s versatile, goes with anything—from pea coat to barn coat.

Irish tweet flat cap

Full Fitting Flat Cap

Made by one of Ireland’s oldest weavers in Co. Tipperary, using time-honored methods, passed down through generations.

Why we like it: Preserves body heat with more structure than a sock hat.

Man's Indiana Jones style hat

Crushable 3″ Brim Hat

Crushable 100% wool outback hat. Water-repellant. Made by Scala. Crush, roll, pack, or stuff in a pocket (when not wet).

Why we like it: Goes where we go. Airplanes, hikes, and sudden rains.

Heavy Duty Back Scratcher

Long, Thick Scratcher

16.3” long and thickened back scratcher. Gives a firm, deep scratch in places we catch reach with our man hams.

Why we like it: Some back scratchers are longer than others.

American Made Pillow

Shredded Foam Pillow

Screw MyPillow. This is Brooklyn Bedding, built Brooklyn strong. Made in USA. Adjustable loft. Washable cover. No hype.

Why we like it: Sleep hard. To hell with pillows that turn into mush in a week.

Hot Stone Heat Pad

Hot Stone Muscle Heater

Wrap uses hot stones like a hot stone massage combined with infrared heat. It'll get as hot as you want. Wrist, elbow, leg, arm.

Why we like it: No mucking around with disposable drugstore patches.

Hot Stone Heatpad - Works!

Hot Stone Heat Pad

23.5x16" hot stone infrared heat pad. Precise heat control, very hot. 3yr manufacturer's warranty with 24x7 customer service.

Why we like it: No mucking around with a warm drugstore blanket.

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