Pam Gerber

The author was born at the epicenter—Brooklyn. She once drove a rebuilt 74 VW Bug cross country (and made it to D.C.). She insists on brutal honesty, isn't above engaging in a minor scuffle if it comes to that, and lives by Whitman’s, 'Being with people I like is enough.'
Winston Wolf and Honey Bunny: Films We Watch Over and Over

Winston Wolf and Honey Bunny: Films We Watch Over and Over

Those with enough bravery, commitment, and heart seem most able to cope with a world that doesn’t make sense.

Men and Rock Music

Man and His Rock—A Tour of the Hard Ass Music Hit Men of the CBGB Era

The NYC Resurgence was about breaking constraints and rules. It did that with spectacular verve until breaking things became the rule, and it let go until the next evolution of rock.

man and dog sitting outdoors

Our Best Friends Lick Their Own Butts—Why Dogs Have Us By the Short Hairs

Toughest thing you know, and reads you like a book. Counting on you but won’t judge you. Take a bullet for you if he could. It’s your dog.

Film noire detective

Noir Men: Like Other Men, Only Moreso

They always knew there might be no way to win, but there’s a way to lose more slowly. You might be buried, but you’re not done ’til you’re dead.

Men and their mothers.

What Our Mothers Taught Us—Love, Insanity, and Drive

Who put the Jordan in Air Jordan? Who were the 2 mothers of the man in black? Answers here, and a bit about men and mothers—why they’re diamonds.

All time best scars.

The Scar Academy: Best Scar Stories & Why We Love ’em

“My scar is better than your scar, you wuss!” The scar story is essential. “You can’t see my scars, but they’re there.” We’ve all got them.


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