Asher Black

Asher is a fabulist, maximist, humorist, and raconteur. By day, he works with companies to find and tell their story effectively. By night, he is a human bonfire.
The Show About Being a Man

Where Plain Speech Went (to die)—Has it Died?

Asher invites guest and colleague Steve Pruneau to comment on the “Talk Like a Man” episode. Asher shames modern movie dialogue and the cultural fad of avoiding words that contain commitments. In a world of indirect utterances, there are no tough guys, only understatements. Comments on Aaron Sorkin, Jerry Brown, Ed Rendell, and others.

The Show About Being a Man

Please Talk Like a Man—Bogie, Don Draper, and Rhett Butler

Tired of circuitous speech, vocal fry, upspeak, endless qualifiers, and the word “like” in every sentence? Asher goes through examples of categorical speech from Mad Men, Humphrey Bogart movies, and Gone With the Wind. He calls for us to embrace rather than fear ManHearted communication. Asher argues current, fashionable speech patterns and fad-banter lacks heart, soul, and brains.

Long-term Friendships Among Men

Betting on Long-Term Friendships With Other Men—It’s a Worldview

If I could place a bet on who is going to last as a friend, I’d put all my chips on worldview. It’s a specific worldview. Now I look for it deliberately.

Advice on the Internet

The Death of Advice—We’ve Reached Saturation, Chief!

Aren’t you tired of it? 20 things you’re doing wrong. 4 things you need to know THIS MONTH! 5 tips to BECOME a man. To hell with it.

Romantic Comedies that Appeal to Men

Why We Roll Our Eyes at Rom-Coms

There ARE romantic comedies that get male attention. They’re just not the ones selling the most popcorn.

Men and sports

Deep down, we have a sense of manhood.

We weren’t surprised when other men thought highly of honesty, duty, self-reliance, exchanging value for value, and commitment to one’s word. This was once so common that we expected it in other men and were surprised and bewildered if there was NO shared sense of manhood.

Men and Manhood

There’s no easy definition of manhood.

The problem with pushing toward a definition is, once you have it, someone invariably forms a ‘cult’ around it, and proceeds to undermine everything it ever meant. Manhood is a thing to enjoy, laugh about, and admire, not a box.

Manhood is Not a Template

If we can’t talk about it, we’ve given up.

There’s an enormous center of decency, strength, and goodness among men. There’s nobility in genuine manhood, and we think it’s NOT necessary or productive to sit out the cultural mess and not lift a finger.

Manhearted Forum

We pay our way, all day long.

Paying our way, trading value for value (which is the heart and root of honest work), and dealing honestly with one another—these are manly virtues. They’re human virtues. And men value them.

Men and the Sea

Someone’s gotta look out and call “land”.

There’s something decent and right that makes us men. What that thing is, is a journey, not an absolute answer. There’s not ONE template for us.


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