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You will find here a certain amount of tongue-in-cheek hyperbole and jocular bluster. We're doing something real and serious, but the most profound sign of the freedom to have a substantive discussion is the invitation to exaggerate and crack a smile. Some of the indecorous wisecracking and droll, salty rhetoric is intentional. Pull up a stool. Choose an ale. The first one is on the house.


Manhearted™ was founded by Asher Black. Asher wears a lot of hats. He's got a blue-collar background and a white-collar education, so he's equally at home working outside and digging into esoteric aspects of history and philosophy. He's lived in the American South, in Brooklyn, New York, and overseas, so he has a broad set of inputs for his mind. Asher is a humorist, entertainer, interviewer, and storyteller with relentless energy. Asher's persuasive: he works with the sales teams of small enterprises, leading their marketing initiatives. He places bets on good companies. Words that typify his outlook are duty, loyalty, risk, and the dignity of work.


Manhearted™ is an ideal, specifically an ideal of freedom to be fully expressed in one's manhood, to enjoy it in the context of other people, and to grow as individuals unimpeded by either stilted fringe definitions of manhood or the suppression of conversation around masculinity. Growth doesn't have to be dramatic, or even obvious. It's the deepening mildness of a cigar aging in a humidor, the maturity of a scotch settling in the bottle, or the resilient character of the embers of a burning fire. Manhood includes a willingness to learn and improve at something—to stretch one's capabilities. Men who dig in and refuse the self-confidence that comes from that continual deepening of character, perhaps even calling it unmanly, are missing out on one of the joys of being a man. We're here, because it's going to be more interesting to have a fireside talk with Winston Churchill or Alec Baldwin or Bill Burr over a great glass of whiskey than some guy stocking his bunker against "the day the cucks and the feminists take over".


Asher's interest in Manhearted stems from a conversation about the television show Cheers® and the loss of the pub and the community of working men it represented to the sports bar, dive bar, office bar, and singles bar and simultaneous frustration with the swelling ranks of extremist groups that offer a rageful, fearful, weak and frankly absurd caricature of masculinity. "Manhearted™ is a virtual pub. It's not exclusively for men, any more than a pub is. But you can slap a man on the back without it being a fight, a romantic overture, or an interview by HR the next morning." [more on why] You will find here a certain amount of tongue-in-cheek hyperbole, a certain amount of jocular bluster. The most profound sign of the freedom to have a substantive discussion is the invitation to exaggerate and crack a smile. Some of the indecorous wisecracking and droll, salty rhetoric is intentional. Pull up a stool. Choose an ale. The first one is on the house.


We kicked off at Christmas 2020 with the intention of increasing momentum in 2021. It's not an accident. 2020 was a miserable year, if only because you either had to check the news every hour, put your head in the sand and wait for it to be over, or talk some friend down from the ledge of craziness. As people, we're looking at rebuilding now—our economies, our national health, and our relationships in the middle of the aisle (away from the fringe). We're going to need what real manhood represents, and that's going to mean giving the finger to versions of it that are either watered down or bizarre stereotypes out of some golden age of wife beaters and whip crackers. Manhood isn't obsolete; it's essential. But it's also not the bullshit touted by a bunch of dicks who combine camo fatigues and Hawaiian shirts. We're men, not badly dressed Broadway rejects trying to remake Springtime for Hitler.


It's virtual, stupid. But to answer the underlying question, we don't care if you're from New York or Boston or Chicago or Texas or... Oh God Help Us... Florida. Sorry, Floridians. 🙂 We're also not going to be dicks about it if you're from France or Viet Nam or Armenia. Hospitality is manly. If we're threatened by people with different passports than ours, with better food, better healthcare, better transportation, less arrogant evangelism of every other country in the world, and less general insecurity, then we're not men after all. So buck up, let's put on our man pants, and shake hands with the neighbors. There's a whole slew of people with a vested interest in dividing us. And here's the thing... fuck those guys.


Got it. You've read this far, and you want to know whether the brew we're offering matches the lofty narrative. "Moonshine puts hair on your chest. Manhearted™ grows it thicker!" Well, remember, it's like a pub. How hard is it to buy a pint of ale for the guy next to you while The Clancy Brothers break from their set to knock back some Jameson and pack their Petersons with Irish Dew? Thinking you don't like the Clancy Brothers? Then you're already missing the point... It doesn't matter: tomorrow it'll be Peter Case or Steve Earl. The point is: manhood that knows what it is, so it can relax. Take a knee from 2020 and run out the clock on this bullshit. We're here to kick around some ideas (in the podcast), chat about things we like (in the forum), and maybe pick up something cool in the store without having to go to a damned mall and stare at 20 options, most of which were designed for an impossible man in some rom-com we can't watch without laughing. It's not more complicated than that. What is that, a 327 in that guy's Malibu? I'll bet it is. A friend of mine had a Comet with a 302. Man that thing would haul ass down Main street. God, I miss that car, and it wasn't even mine.


We don't have any external affiliations. We are also not a religious organization, social movement, or political interest group. We're just talking to each other. The best comparison is the first 'user-groups' that formed around amateur/ham radio, scale and railroad models, wargames, computers and electronics, astronomy, linux, chess, and other hobbies and interests.

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