Show Your Bookkeeper the Bench

The most important tool for any of us is time. I spent years doing my own books, and about two weeks at tax time getting them in proper order and catching them up. Later, I spent years waiting on them to be done, and countless hours at tax time submitting corrections. It was a pain in the ass. I thought traditional bookkeeping was too expensive—and maybe it is. I always wanted 100% visibility ALL the time. I log in, I see every entry, and anything that's a question, I get an email asking me to click and say what the expense is or the source of income. Life is sweet.

I saw Bench years ago, but it was sticker shock. You want HOW MUCH to do my books?!? But then I looked at it like this... I can earn that much in an hour or less, so why DON'T I? Would I RATHER spend it knee-deep in statements reminding myself how to do a journal entry? Would I rather spend it getting FEWER deductions because my bookkeeper has an idiosyncratic approach? Would I really like to spend two week doing taxes?

OK, so most people may NOT do their own taxes. I still insist on it. But even so, once you hand off the books to your tax preparer, or if your bookkeeper IS your tax preparer, how do you know you're not leaving money on the table? One size does NOT fit all. So I manned up, plunked down my card, and got Bench. Sweet, sweet mother of Mickey Mouse! I've never looked back. Bench gave me back COMMAND of my books, in their CURRENT state, on a momentary basis. You go to project your annual income, figure out if a major expense is going to be sustainable—and your books are not only current but you know in a couple of clicks how you're doing.

Before you write it off as a bunch of faceless 'overseas' robo-accountants with fake American names, this doesn't happen. Bench assigns someone to your account, and you meet that person in a phone call, and that's who drops you a note when they have a question. It's got the same FEEL as the traditional model, but with the added advantages of full visibility. Sure, your bookkeeper might give you a login to 'your' Quickbooks. I hate Quickbooks. I used it for years out of necessity and was glad to switch. But I found it buggy, dodgy, and a challenge to navigate with their interface changes. I dig Bench because it does what a tool should—make things simpler.

A good tool is built to last, doesn't break when you need it, and you can reach for it quickly when there's cause. Bench has been that for me. If you dig it, give Bench a try and go back to work. You've got better things to do than worry about your books.


We receive 'done' books every month. At tax time, there's no crunch. And meanwhile, we can always see our balance sheet.


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