You’re Never Available When I Need You

How about Friday at 4:00? No? Monday at noon. No? Wednesday 9am? Standing meeting then? Dammit! OK you give ME a time. Tuesday... no, I can't. I've got an appointment. Thursday after 1:00 and before 4:00. Well, I suppose if I don't pick up my kid from school. They frown on that. I left him there once and he tried to drive one of the buses home. Well, see the driver had gone to the custodian's bathroom... Look, maybe we should have a meeting to discuss when we can have a meeting...

This is life for somebody you know. Or... it passes as life. Not me, man. I won't do it. Oh, wait, let's make it worse. "Yeah, I left a message on your voicemail suggesting some times. Just saw your text saying those won't work, but neither will the time you sent me. That was actually one of the ones you said before. I'm gonna email you..." This is where you see your life passing before your eyes, and it's one long stream of trying to connect with any other human being. Like you're Eugene Porter with a Ham Radio and everyone else is pairing up while you keep hoping for a meeting before the zombies get there.

I send people my Calendly link. "Anything on this calendar works. Just click and it'll auto-confirm and email you my phone number or a zoom link for the call." You KNOW what I'm talking about, right? "I know we had an appointment, but then I couldn't find your number. Did YOU try to call ME, or was I supposed to call YOU?" Yeah, for all that we hate unnecessary meetings, we spend countless hours making it hard to get them over with. Calendly solves all of that, with a mobile-friendly, fast to use, beautiful interface that lets YOU determine when you're available on a weekly basis (or block out time on your Google calendar and it'll get blocked out in Calendly). When they go to your link, they only get to pick times that work for you.

appointment calendar tools

Remember When You Knocked on Someone's Door to See If They Were Home? It was cool, but we can't go back.


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