Secret Weapon for Competition: The SEO Tom Brady

A lot of people squinch up at "marketing", as though it were sly and oily, like some cousin who shows up to the picnic in a speedo and sits with the kids. Jeez, Larry. We're gonna have to talk.

But when you go into marketing with a competitive mindset, it's like any team sport. Our guys want to win. We want beer and steaks at the end of the game, and we want to brag about it until the next one. This is why I like SEMrush. It's the Tom Brady of search engine marketing tools. You get market research showing what the other team is up to, a playbook of things to do before the next game, and leverage to run plays in advertising, content, and social media (which is where the 'pretty girls' are). Yes, that's right. That's where future customers are. Out there in the stands HOPING you'll impress them and stomp some ass over everyone else on the field.

Like beer and steak? Want to win? I know I do. Every sport has its own rules. Every game has its own tools. You don't play hockey with a jai-alai stick. What the hell is a "cesta" anyway? And you want to tie WHAT to my hand? Yeah. No. SEMrush is the big swinging bat of search marketing. You got a rival team climbing the rankings and coming for you? You dropping in the count and still bragging about that game two years ago like the New Jersey Jets? You want to be The Cowboys in the Tom Landry days? SEMrush is where Tom Brady and Tom Landry form a dream team and kick ass until you can feel it all the way back to the parking lot.

It's priced like a decent client lunch once a month, if you're being a bit stingy on the company account. And its probably a LOT more effective. Look, there's these guys and everyone else. There's a reason their stock just went public. It's because they build tools right. By the way, they call it the SEO Toolkit. Exactly. They think like we do.

Life is competitive. Beating the competition for the business is just the reality of running one.


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