OK Back to Teaching—Go Ahead, Bring It

Recently, I reviewed another tool I like that lets you set up a course and sell it online. It'd be stupid if said it's the only such tool. It's not. And frankly, it's like choosing between a 65 Mustang and a 69 Camaro. Or AC/DC vs. Rush. Your truck or your dog (or whoever). You just can't make that choice easily, unless you suck for a dog parent. Or whatever.

That's where we are with Teachable. It's about as fine a tool for putting your course out there as there is. What do you mean you can't see yourself putting a course out there? You're leaving NOTHING behind in this world? You can't do ANYTHING another person would find worth learning? Not even change the strings on your guitar? Jeez, man. Can I introduce you to a course I'm teaching on how to do what you always wanted?

So, there are some differences between Teachable and the other guy. Nope! You gotta read the other post if you want to know which one I mean. We ran side-by-side comparison tests. But I should point out that, by the time anyone publishes the results of such tests, one or the other tool (probably both) is likely to change. And SOME of this stuff is subjective. Breaks down like this in our go at it...

Teachable: slightly easier course building. With the other guy, you gotta go to individual lessons and then modify their settings which can be a pain if you manage a large number of courses. You can add multiple content types in the same 'lecture'. For example, you can have videos + test + embedded comments + quizzes, all in the same 'lecture' in any order. There's also bulk upload.

The other guy has a video library and membership system (pages with restricted access). It also has more integrations. But it has 2-step not 1-step checkout. Teachable handles VAT (if you sell to Europeans) and apple pay. They've also got chat support. On the other hand, the OTHER guys have no transaction fees but DO charge per student per month.

It boils down to this. They're both FREAKING EXCELLENT. You can spin up a teaching practice pretty damned fast with either one. One thing I like about Teachable is you can let learners comment in individual lessons instead of only on the course in general. Either way you go, you're going to be happy with the product. That said, read the other post for perspective, if nothing else. You still have to get people to GO to your courses. But some of the other tools we've talked about can help.



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