Salespeople are Hunters: Gotta Find the Herd

Salespeople are hunters. They eat what they kill. Hunters have to find the herd, and the herd is wily. Sure, your company has marketing, analytics, and all that, but you really wish you knew, as exactly as possible, who is looking at your website, even if they don't fill out a form.

When the deer are nibbling the corn, they're active, they're looking around. It's time. When a potential sales lead is looking at websites, they're thinking about making a change. If your tribe is gonna eat, you gotta be there first, or other hunters get the kill and the herd moves on.

Leadfeeder is pretty cool. You may have seen tools like this before. In the early days, they mostly told you which ISP a visitor was using. So you'd get tons of BS "leads" from the cable company or whoever they used for internet. That's crap data. Tools like Leadfeeder have come a long way. They don't catch everyone, and you still don't know if it was Jim at Robotic Supply or Jane at Robotic Supply, but you at least know that it WAS Robotic Supply looking, when, how often, whether they came back, and you've got some basic contact info to reach out to someone there.

I tested Leadfeeder on multiple business websites. It handed me the visitor's company, website, what pages they looked at, how they found us, AND... and this is the killer deal... a pile of contact emails for everyone and their brother at that company. If I couldn't connect with the right people with THIS information, it can't be done.

In fact, this is where Leadfeeder really shines. Sure, you could buy a second tool that 'scrapes' emails from Linkedin and the web and tries to give you some contact info. Lot of good it does you to get the CEO if he's got an executive admin filtering those emails and you're never going to talk to him anyway. Of COURSE his email is available. Leadfeeder hands over a bounty of email addresses that lets you have not only names but begin to construct a relative hierarchy or figure out who is in charge of a given department. Jump over to linkedin, plug that stuff into Sales Navigator, and you're connecting with people who may have been just connecting with you without you knowing it.

I admire salespeople. It takes courage to go again and again into the 'wild' knowing you've got to EARN your place at the supper table. If you don't deliver, you don't last long. The other roles in the tribe are important too. Someone has got to make spears worth having (why do you think we call these 'tools'). Someone has to sharpen flint, or hunters fail from not having the tools. Leadfeeder is a razor sharp piece of flint. It's not perfect. I'm not saying it is. But man, I wish I was armed with this when I was selling B2B telecomm. I'd have shown up every morning with a private list of people to reach out to and I KNOW I'd have closed more deals. As it was, I closed a LOT, but if a LOT is good, imagine how much better a lot MORE would be.

When you sell something, it's like bringing home a 12-point buck on your front bumper. If you did it right, an honest, you're on top of the world.


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