Do You Find Other People Teachable?

Bob Marley said the greatness of a man "is in his integrity and his ability to affect other people around him positively.' We all teach, even if only inadvertently. You lie on the sofa all day barely lifting your chin to grab the end of another pizza slice, and oh yeah, you're teaching. Like a heroin user shows you the rope. On the other hand, you stand tall in adversity, help others with no thought of reward, you're also teaching. And no, you can't really be good at both.

Some of us want to teach ACTIVELY—I mean TEACH. We have skills to use tools, and we want to show other people how to use them. I've taken shit for that all my life. "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach." Yeah, you're teaching too, pal. Laziness, self-centeredness, and utter lack of forethought for the kind of people you want to gather around you. Substitute 'brag' for "teach", and you're onto something. Self-sufficiency is laudable, but show me a guy who claims to be a self-made man, and I'll see his shoes fit the shoulders of giants. We all teach, we all learn, and we all (hopefully) can do and hopefully do more. This is why I dig Thinkific.

Teaching how I do what I do is part of what I do. I have a practice of hard work with powerful tools and teaching others how to achieve their goals the same way. As a result, I'm surrounded by powerful people who have what they want in life. Thinkific is a platform for delivering courses or 'webinars' about any topic you know how to demonstrate. Can you rebuild a carburetor on a Harley Sportster? Can you properly restring a compound bow? Can you build a podcast? It doesn't matter. If you can make a video, you can make a course, and Thinkific lets you either sell it or offer it for free to people who register.

This month I'm building course material on how to get traffic to a website, because that's what I've been asked how to do. Yeah, I know how to do that. That, I can teach. There are tools and methods that work better than others. There are pointers I can give from long experience. That's one of my 'carburetor' classes.

I've already said why I do that work. I want to be surrounded by people who reach their goals. But also I want more people to reach their just goals, because I think the world is facing a lot of challenges, and people who walk around disempowered, frustrated, and talk themselves into victim status are not only dangerous to everyone else, they're toxic to the culture, and they're creating more division and strife than ever.  It goes like this... "I WOULD have ABC and do XYZ if it weren't for (insert demonized opponents - foreigners, a political group, someone who presumably has power over us)." I teach because the ACT of teaching shoves that victimhood song to the curb where it belongs, along with anything by Nickelback or Schoenberg. Seriously, don't listen to Schoenberg. Teaching is a statement that, with information and tools, one can do just about anything, and no one's to blame but us if we can get information and tools and choose not to.

Thinkific facilitates my ability to deliver learning to an audience. Yes, there are tools like Udemy and Skillshare, but then I can't email my learners about another upcoming course. I can't talk to anyone. I don't want to just post videos and cross my fingers. If I didn't care about getting paid for my time, I could use Youtube for that. I'm in this because people who value what we teach make great colleagues. Often, they teach us a thing or two, and we end up working together.

On top of this, if we've had to pivot, because of COVID, one of the simplest ways to think about a long-term income stream that doesn't ALWAYS require us to be somewhere, is teaching what we know. Whether you think it's a duty, fun, a business model, or just job security, teaching is as normal for a lot of us as breathing. Think to the last time you showed anyone how to do something. If you can't think of anything, put the pizza box down and get off the damned sofa, Jimmy!

There are a lot of tools out there but, frankly, Thinkific just seems to get it. And unlike a lot of them, I can function, even on their least expensive plan. So, I like to talk about tools I ACTUALLY USE. And Thinkific is one of those. I was in it two days ago. Check it out.

When's the last time you showed anyone how to do something? THAT was a potential business or a teaching practice.


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