We pay our way, all day long.

We meet our obligations, or we're not men. At least, there's a deficit of manhood when we don't. We're none of us perfect, but paying our way, trading value for value (which is the heart and root of honest work), and dealing honestly with one another—these are manly virtues. They're human virtues. And men value them.

So (for example), to fund what we're doing here, there's a store. And it's a store the way a man might design it—at least the way one man might. There are well-made products—no shiny, slick crap that falls apart in a week. "Gotcha!" We hate that. The shop is curated, like a man's tool cabinet. And each thing is something we like and use ourselves or want for ourselves. There's a thing about manhood and tradition: we like things built-well like our fathers knew and owned and made. Our shop is like that.

Curated means there aren't twenty kinds of socks and endless aisles to browse. Shopping, for us, is not an end in itself. We're not looking for more ways to sap our attention and chew up the best hours of the most productive days of our lives while finding ways to waste what we earn. There's no Muzak. Feel free to suggest new store items any time.

Asher Black

Asher is a fabulist, maximist, humorist, and raconteur. By day, he works with companies to find and tell their story effectively. By night, he is a human bonfire.

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