If we can’t talk about it, we’ve given up.

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The angry men are certainly getting organized. But ironically, when men representing decent, honorable expressions of masculinity want to get together and talk, we're sometimes met with fears from the OTHER end of the spectrum that suggests any time we gather, celebrate what we share, or even self-identify, we're doing something wrong and are likely to hurt other people.

Torn between the two fringes, there's an enormous center of decency, strength, and goodness among men. There's nobility in genuine manhood, and we think it's NOT necessary or productive to sit out the cultural mess and not lift a finger. Instead, we think being MORE of that which we are, and less of what any fringe faction demands we become is going to push the fringe back into the shadows.

Perhaps now, more than ever, a robust and healthy expression of masculinity is needed. We intend to merely remove the cultural prohibition on men talking to each other in an open-ended way about what it means to be men, and see where that discussion takes us. And meanwhile, we can also talk about dogs, trucks, tools, sports, fishing, and cigars.

Asher Black

Asher is a fabulist, maximist, humorist, and raconteur. By day, he works with companies to find and tell their story effectively. By night, he is a human bonfire.

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6 thoughts on “If we can’t talk about it, we’ve given up.”

  1. We associate strength with masculinity. I think for a lot of people THAT is the definition. Manhood = strength. Masculinity is associated with being strong, brave, and dominant. But you’re not masculine just because you’re a man. You can be masculine without being physically strong.
    Integrity is the strongest quality you can have as an entrepreneur. Integrity is having the courage to do what is right even when it goes against what is popular or will benefit you directly. Strength is not fearlessness, although you must be fearless in order to be strong. Strength is resilience in the face of hardship. Strength rejects victim status.

    1. Strength is a part of masculinity but it doesn’t have to be. Masculinity is about being able to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Your integrity is the true measure of your character, and it’s the foundation of everything you do. Integrity is what allows you to be truthful and stand by your word. Strength is resilience in the face of hardship. Strength rejects victim status. It’s important to not let obstacles get you down, says Nazarian.

      1. Nikolaus Reginald

        A lot of people equate manhood with strength. However, there are more men who identify as feminists than not. Feminism doesn’t mean you hate men, it means that you believe women should be treated equally to men. Strength is the integrity of character. If you have strength, you’ll be able to persevere in the face of hardship. You’ll be resilient and, when things don’t go your way, you’ll be able to fix things and move forward. Strength is resilience in the face of hardship. It’s a mindset that rejects victim status and embraces the strength to move on and do better.

        1. I agree… A lot of people equate manhood with strength. This is a very narrow view to take because manhood is much more than physical strength and physical prowess. Being strong doesn’t mean being tough. Being strong means having a strong character that shows integrity. Being a good leader also means being able to listen and show compassion. To be brave is to be strong. To reject victim status is to be brave. To overcome hardship means to resist victimhood, and that requires strength.

      2. It’s common for men to identify themselves as ‘bros’ or ‘macho’ when describing themselves. While strength is an important part of being a man, it’s also important to be sensitive, empathetic, and kind. Integrity is a crucial aspect of business. Integrity means having honesty and fairness, especially in your dealings with others. It’s important to be honest with your customers and the public, but it’s doubly important to stay true to yourself. There is a lot of talk about resilience in the face of hardship but few people actually have the strength to overcome adversity. It’s only when we face and overcome adversity that we truly become resilient.

    2. This is a common misconception. A lot of people equate manhood with strength and aggression. However, being a man means to be compassionate, to be gentle, and to lead by example. It’s okay to express emotions and ask for help. If you’re looking to develop your personal brand, there are certain things that you’ll need to consider when building it. No one is ever really done with hardship. You can go through periods of time when things are good, and other times when things aren’t so good. It’s important to be strong during good times as well as bad times.

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